Raising awareness of the plight of Baboons and

facilitating the rehabilitation of Baboons in need

The Baboon Matters Trust is a non-profit organisation that comprises a handful of dedicated people who are at the forefront of baboon conservation in South Africa.
The goals of the Trust include raising awareness around the plight of baboons as well as education and training so that sustainable solutions can be found for areas of conflict between humans and baboons.


The fiery death of
Cape Baboons

Why did such an unprecedented number of baboons die in the March 2015 wildfires in Cape Town?
Join us as we investigate.

What a Wonderful World

Unashamedly pro baboons!



Baboon Matters Walking Tours reach the end of the line

For a period of nearly 5 years, Baboon Matters offered educational walking tours to visit two specific troops of baboons on the southern peninsula of Cape Town. Sadly, a change in policy decision resulted in the walking tours being stopped in 2011 and current thinking amongst the authorities is to keep people and baboons as far apart as possible.

The idea of the tours was to educate residents and visitors alike so that people would gain a deeper understanding and therefore appreciation of baboons. Small, controlled groups were given a unique insight into the “soap opera” social world of baboons, and had the complex troop structure and the roles of different family members explained – as well as learning what the different vocalisations and facial expressions mean, what baboons eat and how they spend their day.

Importantly, the tours showed that baboons don’t share their food with each other and that if humans don’t have any food with them, baboons will just ignore them and carry on about their day. Through our tours we were able to explain that our human garbage offers rich rewards to these opportunistic primates and that it is humans who need to control or change our waste management systems in order to reduce baboons raiding into villages and homes.

So many people enjoyed the walks and their time learning about baboons, rating it as “a once in a lifetime experience” , that they would love to visit the baboons again. As the walks were so highly acclaimed we still get regular requests for these educational trips; regrettably however, we are NO LONGER allowed to offer the walking tours, at all. The current policy and current service provider have developed a framework that opts to minimise human contact.  

If you do come across a baboon troop, please do not try to interact with them;
remain in your vehicle and – most importantly – Do Not ever feed baboons!