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“Baboons make mess”

How is it possible that despite a budget of R10 million pa, well-resourced staff and the full support of the Baboon Technical Team members (being the City of Cape Town, Table Mountain National Park, Cape Nature, the Baboon Research Unit of UCT and the Cape of Good Hope SPCA) baboons are still “raiding” in villages?

Being a Baboon Dad

Being a Baboon Dad A beautiful image of George Baboon posted on the Baboon Matters page on Father’s Day got me thinking about what it’s like to be a baboon father. Chacma baboons live in strictly hierarchical families and while it may be tough being a low ranking...

Raccoon and Baboon: Not so different

Raccoon and Baboon: Not so different On a recent trip to Toronto it dawned on me that the Raccoon is to Toronto what the Baboon is to Cape Town. Though smaller, some say cuter, and found in much larger numbers, the raccoon is at the centre of animal-human conflict in...


Any of our readers that work in animal welfare or conservation will appreciate the highs and lows that come with the territory. For us, this week has been a prime example. Farmers have a tough job fraught with all kinds of risks. Their margins are small and they must...




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